The TSA ‘Good Logic’ of the Week

Maybe you’ve read or heard this story about a mentally disabled man who was traveling with his family to Disney. The man carried with him a six-inch plastic toy hammer that his father said had been his “security blanket” of sorts for many years. Well, you can probably guess what happened when some TSA agents at Detroit Metro Airport spotted it.

Because of some redundant backup planning on the part of the man’s mother, and screeners who were distracted by an obvious threat to air security, things turned out okay. Here’s why:

The TSA took away one toy hammer, but they were still able to take another toy hammer on board the airplane. How did that happen?

Drew’s mother, always prepared, had another one in her backpack and that already passed through security with no problem.

If that doesn’t help highlight the exercises in futility that happen on a daily basis in the nation’s airports, nothing does.

This past week, Janet Napolitano said that concentrating screening efforts on young Muslim-looking males is “not good logic,” so it’s a real head-scratcher to see the kinds of things that are considered “good logic” on any given day. We’re in the best of hands:

Is J-Nap a composite of every gym teacher you ever had, or what?

Author: Doug Powers

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