Liberal Bloggers: Obama ‘Not Our Boyfriend’ Anymore

Do they really wonder why some of us have a problem with having the health care system and everything else designed using the input of people who talk and think like 15 year old girls?

President Obama took his licks from progressives who are meeting in Minneapolis at the Netroots Nation Convention, the annual gathering of liberal bloggers and other social media activists.

The panel that drew one of the biggest crowds at Netroots Nation so far was called “What To Do When The President’s Just Not That Into You.”

“It’s like the president’s not our boyfriend anymore,” Joan McCarter, an editor at the Daily Kos website, said during the discussion.

These people are living, breathing testimonials to the wisdom of PT Barnum:

John Aravosis, another panelist, who blogs about gay-rights issues on AMERICAblog, reminisced about the heady early days of the left’s relationship with Obama.

“I honest to God thought I was voting for these guys and that it was going to be the first time in my lifetime that I’m finally in a position of power, where I could be working with the White House on a regular basis, saying, ‘OK what could we do this year on gay stuff?’ Wouldn’t it be cool, oh, ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell,’ this is great.'”

Don’t get excited though. Just because Obama’s “not their boyfriend” anymore doesn’t mean they won’t still see each other regularly. Once a sucker, always a sucker — and Obama will have no problem reeling them back in with a fresh batch of empty promises of life on that unicorn ranch in fantasyland.

Author: Doug Powers

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