Paradox of the Day: New US Government Initiative Designed to Protect US Economy From US Government Initiatives

This is classic. President Obama recently signed another Executive Order, this time to create an initiative called “SelectUSA.” Here’s what it’s all about:

WASHINGTON — With the U.S. unemployment rate stubbornly above 9%, Commerce Secretary Gary Locke unveiled an initiative Wednesday to encourage U.S. and foreign companies to create more jobs in the United States.

Building on previous U.S. government efforts to attract foreign investment, the SelectUSA initiative will help U.S. states deal with federal regulations that may discourage an overseas company from investing in the United States or prompt a U.S. firm to look abroad, senior Commerce Department officials said.

Let me get this straight… the US government is creating maddening rules & regs that chase away business, which costs the US economy countless jobs and hammers GDP. So instead of simply not doing the things that are chasing off business and investment in the US, the government is going to spend taxpayer money to beg these companies to return to the US — apparently by granting waivers from federal regulations via some expensive and probably red-tape entangled “initiative”? I guess the message is clear: If you currently operate a business in the US, threaten to leave or actually leave and maybe you’ll be offered some relief from the idiocy. But first I’m sure they’ll want to see your track record on political donations.

The Obama administration recently said they were going to stop wasting so much money on website design and upkeep, so naturally SelectUSA has a brand new website.

Author: Doug Powers

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