Obama Offers Soldiers Reassuring Reminder Along With an Embarrassing Off-Prompter Gaffe

If I was a battle hardened soldier, this would certainly make me sleep better:


“Did I say back? I meant wallet…”

Fear not, 10th Mountain Division… if the s*#t comes down, you know who to call!


Oops… wait, wrong picture. Let’s try that again…

10th Mountain Division, you know who to call!


On a more serious note, Obama also had an unfortunate gaffe in Thursday’s remarks to the 10th Mountain Division. Press Secretary Jay Carney said the gaffe was because the president didn’t have prepared remarks (read: wasn’t using a teleprompter). “Memory like a steel trap.” Really?

The MSM might have noticed this if they weren’t fixated on the Sarah Palin/Paul Revere thing. And I’m certain that if Bush or Palin would have made the “mistake” Obama did that the media wouldn’t be dismissing it as a “senior moment.”

Author: Doug Powers

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