Where Was Nancy Pelosi During Obama’s Afghanistan Speech?

While President Obama was outlining his plan for the future of the US military involvement in Afghanistan — an issue about which Nancy Pelosi, aka Botoxi the Clown, says she cares about deeply — Pelosi was at a U2 concert in Baltimore:


I’ve never been any particular U2 fan, but the band has never seemed less cool than it does now. That’s okay though — America is at its most secure when Nancy Pelosi isn’t in Washington.

I wrote to Bono and asked him to dedicate “One” to Nancy’s national favorability rating, but he didn’t.

Update: Ah-haaa… this would explain why Nancy’s been following Bono around like Michael Moore behind the pizza delivery guy.

Retro-gag from 2007:

But, at Friday night’s YouthAIDS benefit in Virginia, Bono let gala attendees know which politician he loves AP above all others: Rep. Nancy Pelosi, who was being honored by both Bono and actress Ashley Judd for the speaker’s efforts on behalf of AIDS relief.

“I don’t wear ties for presidents or prime ministers,” the necktie-adorned singer said. “I only wear a tie for Madam Speaker.”

But, that wasn’t Bono’s biggest — or most personal —compliment of the night for Pelosi. After telling the crowd about a particular Pelosi motto that resonated with him — “Inside maneuvering with outside mobilization” — Bono said that he has considered getting the phrase tattooed on his derriere (which would clearly give new meaning to the phrase “bumper sticker politics”).

More Bono-to-Pelosi fawning:

“You’ve given safe sex, sex appeal! How’d you do that?”

“‘Madame Speaker’… it just sounds so good, even one year later.”

I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Author: Doug Powers

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