Let’s Move! FLOTUS Promotes Health in Africa By Ridding the Continent of Fat Cakes & French Fries

Comedian Ron White has a joke about cows causing global warming, and that he’s doing his part by “eating the cows as fast as I can.” I’m starting to think that’s how Michelle Obama plans to protect the world from fatty foods.

The First Lady has been promoting good health in Africa. She kicked off “operation eat your veggies” in Botswana by buying some fat cakes and fries at a local eatery:

The other day FLOTUS admitted to South Africa that she can’t stop eating French fries, but also reminded them to make sure to eat their vegetables. They’ll have to — the French fries are all gone.

I’d join Michelle O on her global crusade for healthy eating, but I’m afraid I’d gain 50 pounds.

(h/t The Blaze)

Author: Doug Powers

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