Obama’s Iowa Lunch Stop Strictly Adheres to Items Found on USDA ‘Lunch Plate’

That is of course as long as the USDA Dinner Plate is loaded with hamburger, fries, hash browns, Texas toast, chili and cheese sauce so you can’t read the words:


While Todd and Sarah Palin dined at Panera elsewhere in Iowa, the President Obama had an impressive “Let’s Moo-ve” lunch at a place called Ross’ Restaurant in Bettendorf:

Obama might not want to tell First lady Michelle Obama, who runs an anti-obesity campaign, that he ate at a place best known for serving mountains of greasy food.

Ross’ restaurant is known for dishes called “Mountains”; their signature dish is the Magic Mountain: Texas grilled toast, hamburger meat, French fries or hash browns and cheese sauce.
The president bought Magic Mountains for three customers in the restaurant, and brought four Magic Mountains and two Volcanos (the Magic Mountain with the addition of chili) back to traveling companions.
Obama also challenged the accompanying members of the press to eat “the whole thing.” He called them “chickens” for not taking them up on the challenge.

Obama then told the fry cook that if he’d donate a hundred bucks to his campaign he could come and get some pointers from the White House chef. Just kidding… I think.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled lecture about the dire emergency that is childhood obesity and what we can all do to lead by example.

Author: Doug Powers

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