John McCain References Tea Party ‘Hobbits’

Do you think John McCain actually wonders why he lost in 2008 or does he still really not get it?

McCain has taken to the Senate floor to accuse Conservatives of “deceiving” Americans in their insistence upon pushing to attach a balanced budget amendment to any increase in the debt ceiling. This, according to McCain, is deceptive because there is simply no way such a bill could survive in Congress. Nancy Pelosi’s over there telling seniors that the Boehner plan might kill them and it’s the GOP freshmen who are being deceptive?

Here’s McCain reading, and agreeing with, a Wall Street Journal editorial that references “Tea Party Hobbits”:

McCain also led a RINO charge against Tea Party freshmen in Congress for insisting on a BBA, saying they just don’t know how things work because they’ve “only been here a few months.” The problem isn’t freshmen Tea Party members of Congress — the problem has been caused by people who have been in Congress for 25-plus years. John McCain should go look in the mirror if he wants to see one of the reasons this debate is necessary today.

What’s baffling is that McCain supports the Boehner bill, which Harry Reid has said is dead in the Senate. Reid has 53 “no” votes lined up. How come Tea Party freshman are dumb for not supporting the Boehner bill that won’t pass and yet McCain is insightful and experienced for supporting the same bill… that won’t pass? Notice at no point does McCain talk about what he believes is right for the country, only what he thinks they can manage to ram through the process. This is also part of the reason we’re in a hole. All politics, little principle.

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin — one of the “hobbits” who McCain somehow still thought worthy of sharing the ticket with him — has a reminder for Tea Party freshmen: For Such a Time as This

The GOP “hobbits” who are holding out are reportedly being taken to the woodshed because the House Repubs don’t yet have enough votes.

Update: Heh: John McCain as Gollum.

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Author: Doug Powers

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