Your Tax Dollars at Work: Seattle Spends $1.4 Million Per ‘Green Job’

Hey, let’s “green” the entire economy!

Fox News:

A green jobs program in one of America’s greenest cities is being called a bust 16 months after a $20 million federal grant to weatherize homes in Seattle ended up putting just 14 people to work in mostly administrative jobs and upgrading only three homes in the area.

“The jobs are not there,” Todd Myers, who wrote the book “Eco Fads,” told Fox News. “So we’re training people for jobs that don’t exist.”

Seattle is not alone. The Department of Energy has allocated $508 million to 41 states for its Better Buildings Neighborhood Program and 600 jobs have been created or retained.

Money quote (literally) from Seattle’s Mayor:

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn says it’s too early to declare the program a failure.

“We may have to adjust how we market it and the incentives we provide,” McGinn said. “Nobody has really cracked the green jobs code.”

That code was cracked a long time ago: It’s a scam!

And expect more of the same from Obama’s next “jobs plan.” Although I fully expect that “plan” to be so ridiculous that it’ll never get through the House. That way Obama can use the “I tried to fix the economy but the Republicans wouldn’t let me” angle on the campaign trail, even though rapidly diminishing numbers of people are buying that one.

Author: Doug Powers

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