Tea Party Jihad — Plus, Biden Hugs a Terrorist!


Man, we really need an updated Schoolhouse Rock, because the old “how a bill becomes a law” one doesn’t include anything about terrorists, hostages or jihad — and that’s apparently part of the process now.

One of the latest examples can be found in an op-ed in (and I know this will surprise you)… the New York Times entitled “The Tea Party’s War on America”:

You know what they say: Never negotiate with terrorists. It only encourages them.

These last few months, much of the country has watched in horror as the Tea Party Republicans have waged jihad on the American people. Their intransigent demands for deep spending cuts, coupled with their almost gleeful willingness to destroy one of America’s most invaluable assets, its full faith and credit, were incredibly irresponsible. But they didn’t care. Their goal, they believed, was worth blowing up the country for, if that’s what it took.

Part of why I find this kind of “the Tea Party held the political system hostage” talk ironic is that it’s often accompanied by wishes that President Obama would have invoked the 14th Amendment and unilaterally raised the debt ceiling, as was the case in the above diatribe (really, once you’ve gone the “suicide bomber” route to describe political opponents with budget disagreements you haven’t left yourself much wiggle room for future demagoguery). All I know is that if George W. Bush would have invoked the 14th and skirted Congress in order to raise the debt ceiling, the left would be accusing him of… you guessed it: Holding the country hostage.

One more claim:

America’s real crisis is not a debt crisis. It’s an unemployment crisis. Yet this agreement not only doesn’t address unemployment, it’s guaranteed to make it worse.

No it isn’t. But don’t take my word for it:

Remember this comment from this morning, and cite it, and repeat it, the next time you hear some Democrat argue that the debt ceiling deal somehow hurt the economy:

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: So this won’t cost us jobs?

TIM GEITHNER: No, it will not.

Hey, maybe Turbo Tim is really a hobbit wearing a suicide vest — a secret plant of the right wing jihadist Tea Party.

And guess what else happened yesterday? Joe Biden hugged a terrorist. Yep, he really did:

“Here I’m hugging Gabby and Michele Bachmann,” Biden recounted to reporters last night. “Seriously! I’m being literal!”

“You hugged Michele Bachmann?” asked a skeptical reporter.

“Sure!” Biden responded. “I like Michele Bachmann. For real.”

What did he say to her? “I said, ‘Great to see you, Michele.’”

Bachmann “cares about” Giffords, Biden added. “I mean, look. The thing that sometimes gets lost in this place — maybe I spent too much time here as a senator — there is a basic humanity here, man. It matters between people. I know that sounds corny.”

I do agree with Biden that he spent too much time there as a Senator, by the way.

Hey, There’s Mitt!

For a while there I thought his finger must have gotten stuck in the wind, but for the time being he’s back… and just in time, eh?

National Journal:

After days of refusing to take a position on the high-stakes budget talks, Republican presidential front-runner Mitt Romney came out on Monday against a last-minute deal to avoid a potentially economy-rattling government default.

Romney’s move allows him to continue to draw a stark contrast between his approach and President Obama’s economic stewardship, and it puts it him in line with the most conservative wing of his party. Without any public appearances on his schedule this week, Romney can avoid hard questions about the potential consequences of the plan’s failure.

Romney hadn’t offered much of an opinion on this for quite some time, but now that the dust is starting to settle maybe it’s a little safer politically.

For some reason I’m reminded of the part of movie Gladiator when Commodus rode into a bloody, smoldering aftermath and asked, “Have I missed the battle?” Marcus Aurelius answered, “You have missed the war.”

Henry Waxman Asks Energy Secretary to Start Climate Indoctrination — er, I Mean Education — Program

Rep. Henry Waxman, aka Bat Boy, is frustrated that the public isn’t taking the bait on the global warming sham:

The top Democrat on the House Energy and Commerce Committee on Wednesday urged Energy Secretary Steven Chu to launch a national climate-change-education campaign.

Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.), in a letter to Chu, said the public’s understanding of climate change is “diminishing” in part because there are “powerful vested interests in the oil and coal industries successfully fanning disbelief.”

Well, that and the public reads stuff like this that fans disbelief even more. But I digress…

“I ask you to investigate the disconnect that appears to be growing between the scientific and the public understanding of climate change,” Waxman said. “I hope you will then decide to lead a national effort to ensure the public is fully and accurately informed about the science of climate change and its implications for human health and welfare.”

Waxman’s approach to this “investigation” uses the same style of “science” that Al Gore & Company employ: Global warmists say we’re all going to die — the public disagrees — so to find out the truth we need to investigate why the public is wrong.

John Conyers Calls for Mass Protest of Budget Bill… at the White House

If you’d have told me that within three years of the coronation of The One™® that one of the biggest liberals/lefties in Congress would be calling for protest at the White House… well, I’d have believed you. There was simply no way Obama could live up to his rainbows, gumdrops & flying unicorn promises.

But now, as evidenced by Conyers below, the left is feeling flat out betrayed:

Conyers says, “We’ve got to educate the American people at the same time we educate the President of the United States. The Republicans, Speaker Boehner or Majority Leader Cantor did not call for Social Security cuts in the budget deal. The President of the United States called for that. My response to him is to mass thousands of people in front of the White House to protest this.”

There’s your headline, Republicans: “High ranking congressional Democrat says Obama will starve the elderly!”

Conyers is so pissed that he’ll probably make Obama wait an extra couple of days before endorsing him yet again.

Somebody’s about to get another “stop demeaning me” phone call.

More Laughs from the New York Times

The opening line from Stanley Greenberg’s op-ed in Saturday’s New York Times is a true progressive classic:

Barack Obama can’t catch a break from the American public on the economy, even though he prevented a depression and saved global capitalism.

For the most deserving effect, re-read that line and then hit “play” below:

Professional advice for Mr. Greenberg: Never open with your best joke. The Times is funnier than The Onion these days.

When you think “Obama,” you think “economic recovery” and “the man who saved capitalism,” don’t you?

One more laugh from the Times — this one’s from this morning’s editorial about the debt deal. The NYT definitely got the “hostage” memo concerning GOP demands in the debt deal that the entire MSM has been running with:

The rest of it is a nearly complete capitulation to the hostage-taking demands of Republican extremists.

It’s just amazing how the DNC can fire up the fax machine and suddenly have most of their pet parrots in the media repeating their talking points.

(h/t Doug Ross)