Obama Wonders if Fox News Reporter is a Romney Spokesman

This is funny — President Obama wonders if Fox News’ Ed Henry is a spokesman for Mitt Romney, while the rest of us have spent the last few years wondering if the majority of the rest of the Press Corps in that room are spokespeople for Obama:


Henry did seem to force the Romney quote in there a bit, but it obviously struck a nerve.

Next to Obama was the South Korean president, who is being honored with a State Dinner tonight. I haven’t found a photo yet but there just had to have been a “bow” involved when the two met.

Speaking of the State Dinner, tonight’s menu is here. If the “Chocolate Malt Devils Food Layers With Pear and Almond Brittle” sounds familiar, it should: It was grown in Michelle’s garden, and the “pear” part is “Let’s Move” approved.

Author: Doug Powers

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