Ed Schultz: Jim DeMint is Racist for Saying ‘Break’

In the upcoming election, in order to see which words in the English language will have a racist connotation, simply open the dictionary and look at all of them, because everything that is said in reference to Obama will be racist. Even the word “break”:

Ed Schultz, host of MSNBC’s the Ed Show, believes that Republican presidential contender Herman Cain is pandering to “white Republicans out there who don’t like black folks” and accused Sen. Jim Demint, R-S.C., of using racist langauge in his opposition to Obamacare.

On his show last night, Schultz said that Demint, whom Cain has mentioned as a potential running mate, repeated an “old southern racist term when talking about defeating President Obama during the health care debate.” Schultz’s example? He quoted Demint saying that “If we are able to stop Obama on this [health care law], it will be his Waterloo. It will break him.” For clarity, Schultz repeated the offending line, “It will break him.”

Dr. James Peterson, director of Africana studies at Lehigh University, explained that “break” is a racist verb, “a term that was used to destroy, mentally and physically, slaves.” Accordingly, the Demint line demonstrated “how dark some of these racial discourses can be in presidential politics.” Peterson said that Cain, by naming Demint as a possible VP pick, “gives those folks a pass” on racism.

Oh give me a break! Oops…

These pinheads have now officially become Saturday Night Live skits. By the beginning of 2012, some of these “Lean Forward” idiots will be be claiming that Herman Cain was in the Klan and was once spotted burning a cross in his own front yard.

That was on the program of the same Ed Schultz who cried “racism” after Rick Perry used the term “black cloud.” And the right is the side with a race preoccupation? That even had Jon Stewart mocking Schultz.

Does Ed Schultz ever actually listen to himself? A black candidate is reeling in the votes of white people because they don’t like black people? That’s like saying Ed Schultz is winning over viewers who don’t like thuggish, loud-mouth, misoginystic, left-wing talking heads.

On tonight’s show, Ed Schultz and Dr. James Peterson will out Ivan Drago as a racist:

Author: Doug Powers

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