Biden Doubles Down: You’d Be For the ‘Jobs Bill’ if You Knew What it Was Like to Get Robbed or Raped!

Joe Biden gave a similar warning to Flint, Michigan, and the audio below is an even more dire warning from Pluggers — this time for the people of Philadelphia. The desperation is palpable and I think a portion of the audience even realized he’s crazy.

“Hiring more police” was just one of the reasons Sheriff Joe gave for supporting the first stimulus. Now he’s saying that since then the number of police has been dropping, so we need to pass another stimulus?

Hey Joe, people being sick and tired of getting robbed is kinda-sorta why you and your boss are going to get your asses thrown out of office next year:


Biden does give a fairly good argument for why people should exercise their 2nd Amendment rights though. Anybody whose only plan of defense is to rely on the police showing up immediately is begging to become a statistic in Joe’s next ridiculous “jobs bill” fear-mongering sales pitch.

Do you think they’re shooting their entire demagogic wad too soon? I mean, there’s over a year until the election, and they’re already at “if you’re not with us you’re going to be raped, robbed and murdered”? Not much room for escalation.

Author: Doug Powers

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