Evil capitalists are now mocking the “Occupy Wall Street” thing to make money. Was it supposed to turn out this way?

Maybe it’s time for the OWS bunch to re-think where this is all headed. Winter’s coming (and the northeast OWSers are getting a big time preview this weekend). What started as a quest to end corporate greed, slow the onslaught of jack-booted capitalism, outlaw the audacity of wanting to keep the fruits of ones labor, and to convince Alec Baldwin to buy them all Che Guevara t-shirts and charge them to his Capital One card is instead being turned into a sales pitch to allow the greedy to make even more money. Worse yet, to make money selling things that are choking Mother Earth with their fumes. OWS endorser and multimillionaire investor Al Gore will not be pleased.

Video by way of The Blaze:

Author: Doug Powers

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