#OccupyHypocrisy: Anti-Capitalist OWSers Apply to Trademark the Brand, Make Money Off Licensing

As always, we’ll do what we usually do and assume they are incapable of understanding why this is funny:

Occupy Wall Street is looking to make its mark — on everything from tote bags to t-shirts.

The Occupy Wall Street movement applied for the trademark to its name on Oct. 24, filing for the use of the mark on its website, in periodicals and newsletters, and on clothing and bags.

But the movement isn’t the only entity hoping to lay claim to the name —Fer-Eng Investments, LLC, of Arizona also applied to trademark Occupy Wall Street on Oct. 24. Fer-Eng Investments wrote in its filing it is intending to use the name on bags, footwear, hats and various other clothing items.

According to attorney Samuel Cohen of the Law Offices of Wylie M. Stecklow, a firm that is part of the Occupy Wall Street legal working group, the movement’s trademark application process will likely take months.

It’s so much fun watching people unwittingly realize hey can’t fight “the man” without becoming “the man.”

Have you gotten your Occupy Wall Street soon-to-be licensed t-shirt featuring the official OWS logo yet? Here’s my proposed design:


In related OWS news, here’s the best “We are the 53%” sign I’ve seen yet:


(h/t Lachlan Markay)

Author: Doug Powers

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