Movement Dedicated to Protecting the 99% Continues — 99% Hardest Hit

“Occupy Wall Street” has been loosely endorsed by Barack Obama, and you can tell the President is having an influence on the situation, because it’s already killing small businesses:

FINANCIAL DISTRICT — Twenty-one restaurant workers lost their jobs last week because of the Occupy Wall Street protests.

Marc Epstein, owner of the Milk Street Cafe at 40 Wall St., said he had no choice but to let nearly a quarter of his staff go last Friday after he saw his sales drop by 30 percent in the six weeks since the protests started.

“What are [the protesters] trying to accomplish here?” Epstein asked Monday.

“The end result is that I and all the wonderful people who work for me are collateral damage.”

Epstein said the biggest problem is the police barricades that have lined Wall Street since Sept. 17, making it difficult for people to see his restaurant and cross the street. Epstein has also had to contend with closed subway entrances, police checkpoints and frequent Occupy Wall Street marches, which he said have dampened the Financial District’s formerly thriving street life.
The issue of the Wall Street barricades has come up at recent community meetings, and NYPD officers have repeatedly said that the security barriers must remain in place because the protesters do not give advance notice of their marches and routes.

Restaurant workers are losing their jobs? That’ll teach “The Man”!

When Michael Moore got involved I figured at least it might be a boon for local eateries, but I guess I was wrong. Instead, Slobba the Hut is going to make money putting together a movie while “the 99%” lose their jobs as a direct result of the anti-capitalist “cause” he’s hypocritally promoting.

Author: Doug Powers

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