Big 3 Networks Conveniently Forget to Mention Jon Corzine’s Party Affiliation

Yesterday at Michelle M’s place I mentioned MF Global’s bankruptcy (the “MF” stands for “where’d all the MF’in money go?”). The company currently can’t account for $700 million and has admitted to using client money to cover company losses — a big no-no in the securities biz.

If Obama was a Republican we might have expected the mainstream media to make a little more out of the fact that Obama once referred to MF Global’s leader Jon Corzine as “our Wall Street guy.” And if Corzine was a Republican we certainly would be hearing more mentions of his party affiliation:

On Tuesday, the morning shows of the Big Three networks omitted the party affiliation of Jon Corzine as they reported on the federal investigation into his brokerage firm, something that even the liberal New York Times did in their coverage of the story. ABC’s Good Morning America also failed to include Corzine’s name during their news brief on the investigation.

News anchor Josh Elliott noted in a 13-second brief that “a Wall Street brokerage firm run by New Jersey’s former governor is filing for bankruptcy. Regulators say some $700 million belonging to MF Global’s customers is apparently missing.” Apparently, the name of the Democrat’s firm is newsworthy at ABC, but his name and his party ID isn’t.

On NBC’s Today show, Natalie Morales gave Corzine’s name right away and detailed that the “the missing money forced MF Global to file for bankruptcy Monday after scuttling a deal to sell part of the company to a rival firm.” But she followed her ABC colleague’s lead by not revealing the former governor’s political affiliation.

While ABC and NBC gave their news briefs on the investigation during the first half hour of their programs, CBS’s Early Show waited over an hour to report on the story. However, the program spent the most time on it out of the three – 23 seconds – compared to 13 seconds and 18 seconds respectively for the other two networks, for a total of 54 seconds of coverage. Fill-in news anchor Betty Nguyen didn’t give Corzine’s party

The MSM always claims they don’t report in a biased fashion, but often their bias is even more glaringly obvious if you pay attention to what they don’t say.

Here are the Bankruptcy Twins — President Obama, Democrat, and the beleaguered Jon Corzine (party affiliation not available at press time), back in more hope-filled days:


Update: The FBI is now on the case of Corzine (party affiliation not available at press time).

Author: Doug Powers

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