Oakland Men’s Wearhouse Supports ‘Occupy’ Strike

Today is the “general strike” in Oakland, and this was spotted today in the window of a Men’s Wearhouse:


This particular Men’s Wearhouse doesn’t seem to believe the adage of “know your customer.” How many suits are you going to sell to people whose express purpose in life is to get out of job interviews?

The store even has a customized ad targeted specifically at the Occupy movement:


Then again, maybe that sign of support might as well say “if you think we’re on your side will you not loot us?” Who knows.

By the way, Men’s Wearhouse stock is trading on Wall Street at around $30 a share today. George Zimmer, founder of Men’s Wearhouse, is worth around $800 million, though the above OWS support is undoubtedly the work of a franchisee.

Author: Doug Powers

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