Brian Williams: Nothing Like the October Snowstorm Has Ever Happened Before (Global Warming Alert)

Here’s NBC News’ Brian Williams introducing a story about last month’s northeast snowstorm, which of course was caused by — you guessed it — global warming:

Everybody out East said the same thing about this freak snowstorm, `This kind of thing didn’t used to happen. This never happened before.’ And while that is true, it may also be true that we’ll all have to start getting used to this kind of thing over the long haul. That story tonight from our chief environmental affairs correspondent, Anne Thompson.

“And now let’s throw it over to our chief science correspondent, Al Gore…”

Watch just how much confidence Williams has in his claim — so much confidence that he obviously didn’t bother to make sure he wasn’t totally full of s*#t before doing the segment:

Williams closed by saying “All I know is this didn’t happen when we were kids.”

Maybe a pre-Halloween snowstorm in the northeast didn’t happen when you were a kid, Brian, but it did happen when you were, oh, about 28 years old:

Noel Sheppard at Newsbusters has more examples.

Don’t you wish Williams and his crack research team at NBC would at least be motivated enough to do a Google search before proving themselves to be biased, sensationalist chuggers of the Goracle’s Kool Aid?

Author: Doug Powers

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