Obama Administration Opposes Adding FDR’s D-Day Prayer to WWII Memorial

Is it time to vote these people out yet? Yeah, I know, nothing should surprise me anymore, but still

The Obama administration is opposing congressional legislation to add President Franklin Roosevelt’s D-Day prayer to the World War II Memorial in Washington D.C.

At a House hearing Thursday, Robert Abbey, director of the Bureau of Land Management, said a plaque or inscription of the prayer that Roosevelt read on a radio broadcast to the nation on June 6, 1944, would “dilute” the memorial’s central message.

In his prayer, President Roosevelt asked God to give our troops the courage to defeat Nazi Germany, praying, “with thy blessing we shall prevail over the unholy forces of our enemy.”

Liberals love the “New Deal” aspects of FDR, but this crosses the line.

I suppose the prayer to God might offend Atheists, and Obama needs every vote he can get next year, so they’ll not risk angering that voting bloc. The D-Day Prayer might also offend any Nazis who read it, and they wouldn’t want to burn that bridge, would they? Again… every vote counts!

I’ll bet the administration wouldn’t think it diluted the central message of the WWII Memorial if the proposed plaque read “PASS THIS JOBS BILL!”

Here’s the “central message diluting” D-Day prayer from FDR:

Author: Doug Powers

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