‘Life in Nirvana’ Update: OWS Constructs ‘Safe House’ for Women


Sure, let’s let these people run the world.

When I first read that OWS was building a safe house for women, my first thought was that they’ve finally gotten Mike Tyson on board with the movement, but instead it seems there are some predators in the OWS midst who not only think people should be forced to share their wealth, but everything else too:

Spurred by a spate of sex attacks in Zuccotti Park, Occupy Wall Street protesters built a “safe house” for women on Friday.

The 16-square-foot military frame tent is designed to shelter up to 30 women from the predators lurking around the lower Manhattan encampment.

“It will be used to protect ourselves from people out there,” said Nan Terrie, 17, a protester from East Oakland Park, Fla.

“Protect us from the people out there”? Um, you’re the “people out there.” Go home and your problem is solved.

The bulb in her head is probably too dim to allow her to see that she’s living amid the same culture she’s trying to bring to the rest of the country, all while serving as a good example of why it’s a really bad idea by seeking protection from that very culture. #OccupyParadox

Not to cause OWS organizers any busted kneecaps, but I have to ask: Was the “safe house” constructed by union labor?

For some reason, whenever we talk about Occupy Wall Street, I feel an urge to post this clip… so I’m finally getting around to it:

Author: Doug Powers

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