Roger Waters Supports OWS Fight Against ‘Upper 1%’ Greed (See Him Perform Live for $115 – $1,020)

Yet another musician who supports the fight against corporate greed and the screwing of the middle and lower classes who will nevertheless lobby for your ass to be thrown in jail if you’re caught downloading their music without paying them for it through pre-approved corporate channels.

Roger Waters, founding member of Pink Floyd, falls well within the “upper 1%” but doesn’t seem to want to either understand, remember or care why:

You can go see Waters, the man who supports the fight against the greed of the upper 1%, perform live early next year in San Francisco. The cheapest ticket is $115 and go as high as $1,020. Even better: The concert is at AT&T Park.

Much of Pink Floyd’s work was sold courtesy of the tiny non-profit company called Capitol/EMI. I know because I own a lot of it, but inevitably most entertainers always find a way to make me regret ever giving them a penny.

The not-so-subtle technique of rich hypocrite OWS supporters — whether it’s employed by Warren Buffet, Kanye West or Roger Waters — is that they claim to want to help the “lower 99%.” There are two ways they could do that. 1) They could “help” us by begging the government to raise their taxes, which may or may not happen and probably wouldn’t help anybody anyway because the government will simply waste the extra money anyway. Or 2), they could offer immediate relief to the pocketbook of the downtrodden by lowering the price of their products or services, in essence taxing themselves at the front end by refusing to profit at the point of sale. Guess which option they choose each and every time?

Author: Doug Powers

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