Holder Testifying on Fast & Furious: Maybe Tighter Gun Laws Could Have Kept the Government from Getting People Killed

Attorney General Eric Holder testified to a Senate committee today, and as expected part of his strategy was to blame the mess on a lack of Republican willingness to support tighter gun control measures. Huh?

As Ace put it, Holder’s “solution” has a “you have to stop us before we kill again” ring to it:

Many believe “Fast & Furious” was little more than an attempt to gin up support for gun control in the US (which is at a record low), and by going this route Holder does little but confirm that suspicion.

The solution to incompetence and corruption at the upper levels of government is not to disarm law abiding Americans — but to disarm the incompetent and corrupt by removing them from their positions of power.

Author: Doug Powers

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