Upper 1% to Perform for Anti Upper 1% Gathering; Updated With ‘Concert’ Footage

We’ve now reached the “let’s pretend it’s 1969” portion of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

David Crosby is worth about $40 million, which makes him the perfect choice to sing protest songs that empathize with the downtrodden:

Longtime musicians and activists David Crosby and Graham Nash are scheduled to perform a concert at the Occupy Wall Street protest site in Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park.

The Occupy Wall Street website says the Tuesday afternoon concert will be an acoustic set of protest songs.

Then they’ll hop in the limo, head back to the Waldorf for Tofu burgers and then fly first class back to LA.


Is there any better entertainment than old hippies who can’t let it go? Given the sanitary conditions in Zuccotti Park — or lack thereof — let’s just bill the group as Crosby, Smells, Nash & Dung:

Author: Doug Powers

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