Occupy Protesters Make a Deposit (of Money This Time) at Wells Fargo

You’ll be able to laugh at the hypocrisy of this story with greater ease if you first look at a couple of pictures of what “Occupy Oakland” did recently to Wells Fargo bank:



Recently “Occupy” had a vote on where to put their money. Guess where it got deposited?

Last week, one or more Occupy Oakland protesters smashed the windows of a Wells Fargo branch.

This week, the group’s general assembly agreed — in a near-unanimous vote Monday — to temporarily place $20,000 of the group’s money in an account at the country’s fourth-largest bank holding company, Wells Fargo Bank.

Whether the decision was an abandonment of the movement’s opposition to big banks or an ominous affirmation of the hold that big banks have on Americans, Twitter was ablaze with outrage last night, as news spread about the 162-8 vote, from which 16 people abstained.

“I am so disgusted right now. the hypocrisy of it all is just amazing,” wrote @GiveMeThatJuice.

“ARE YOU F—— SERIOUS?!,” wrote @graceface.

“I can see the ad now: ‘People’s money is so safe here at Wells Fargo, even our sworn enemies use us for their banking needs!’” wrote @davidcolburn.

Only eight “down twinkles” on a corporate bank decision?

Nice to see these people depositing money at a bank for a change though.

My day will be complete if Wells Fargo announces they’re going to keep the $20,000 to pay for the property damage.

Bonus “Occupy” material: A “twinkles” tutorial:

Author: Doug Powers

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