Obligatory ‘Perry Forgets Third Agency He’d Cut’ Post

Downside for Perry: It was very awkward and “not ready for prime time” as they say.

Upside for Perry: He’s the candidate everybody’s talking about this morning and is getting extra air time as a result. He also continues to share another upside with the rest of the GOP candidates: He’s still not Barack Obama.

Video by way of Michelle M:

Dude, next time you feel that coming on, point and yell “squirrel!” It reminded me of the response I gave once when asked to name The Three Tenors: “Domingo, Pavarotti, and, uh… uh… the other guy…”

Team Perry is fundraising off the temporary memory loss. Lucky for them nobody forgot the address where you mail donation checks.

Did this officially kill the Perry campaign? I don’t think he’s headed for the nomination anyway, so my answer is “no.”

Separate question concerning Herman Cain being asked about the harassment allegations against him: Did any moderator at a Dem debate during the 1992 campaign ever have the guts to ask Bill Clinton about the “bimbo eruptions” at the time?

Update: Perry losing his train of thought… more awkward or not as bad as Admiral James Stockdale in 1992?

And just for kicks let’s throw George W. Bush into the competition — it’s edited but still funny:

Author: Doug Powers

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