FLOTUS Tours MA’O Farms, Hands Out Healthy Organic Snacks


Yep, “MA’O Farm” is actually the name of the place in Hawaii that Michelle Obama visited over the weekend. Hey, I don’t write it, I just report it:

College interns who help run one of the island’s largest organic farms guided first lady Michelle Obama through fields of budding salad greens Saturday, then sat down to swap stories with her about their efforts to improve the health of their communities.
The nonprofit MA’O Organic Farms, on 24 acres of Lualualei Valley, is devoted to raising healthy crops for local consumption while also growing a new generation of leaders in touch with the land and their heritage.

“I’ve heard about all that’s going on here for years and years,” Obama told the students. “I jumped at the opportunity to come and not just see for myself but also allow the world to see what you all are doing.”

When it comes to healthy alternatives, MA’O Farms is a great leap forward… uh, you know, food-wise.

All semi-joking aside, the First Lady was there to promote healthy eating, and she did just that:

On Saturday in Hawaii, during a visit to MA’O Organic Farms, First Lady Michelle Obama held a roundtable discussion on the importance of healthy eating and organic farming for her Let’s Move! campaign to end childhood obesity. After, Mrs. Obama presented the student interns who run the farm with a special gift: Presidential M&Ms.

I can hear them getting fitter already. Or is that fatter?

Author: Doug Powers

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