Rick Perry: Throw Insider Trading Members of Congress in Jail

Alternate MSNBC headline: Rick Perry Presidency Would Worsen Problem of Prison Overcrowding:


Perry’s talking about this — possible insider trading involving members of Congress from both parties — which isn’t as bad if members of Congress do it, because they write the laws. Nancy sure did a good job of draining that swamp, didn’t she? Maybe the swamp would siphon off a little faster if Pelosi herself wasn’t clogging the drain.

Perry might actually be on to something, at least as far as a strategy goes. Overall, Congress has about an eleven percent approval rating — only pubic lice and Jerry Sandusky come in lower. Some GOP candidates are running against each other and Newt’s running against Obama and the media, which leaves calling out an unpopular Congress as the untapped GOP primary-season resource. We’ll see if it moves the needle for Perry. It better or he’s close to having to short-sell his campaign (that would be inside information though, so nevermind).

Author: Doug Powers

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