DC Restaurant Adds OWS “99 Percent” Burger to Menu for Greedy Price of $9.99

There’s also a 1% burger on the menu for $58:


Here’s the irony: Taking the ingredients into consideration, the 1% burger is a better deal. When it comes to the Occupy burger, 99 percent seems to be the markup:

A steakhouse in Washington, D.C., is taking a cue from the anti-Wall Street “Occupy” rallies, outfitting its menu with two burgers — one for the so-called 99 percent and another for the remaining one percent.

BLT Steak, just blocks from the “Occupy Washington” rally in Washington, D.C., has a rotating menu of politically-themed sandwiches, according to Eater.com.

New on the menu is the “99 percent,” a six ounce patty melt served on Wonder Bread going for $9.99. Its nemesis, the “One percent,” contains eight ounces of “Kobe” beef served with foie gras, gold leaf, and Grey Poupon. It is $58.

Eater points out that the $9.99 price tag on a patty melt and white bread is perhaps the bigger markup of the two burgers. “The ’99 percent’ is more or less a total ripoff, and the ‘One percent’ is not nearly as excessive as it could be,” the blog said.

How many “Occupiers” will consider this support of the movement (and I use the word “movement” in the most scatological way possible) instead of seeing it as a restaurant owner putting 45 cents worth of ingredients on a plate and charging $9.99 for it?

Charging ten bucks is a thumb in the eye of the Occupiers, because they want it for… you know… free. But if the restaurant did that for Occupiers they would be saying “I’m one of you,” and that only ends badly for businesses that appease.

You can also season the Occupy Burger to your liking. They say it tastes great sprinkled with a dash of assault and pepper spray:

Author: Doug Powers

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