Department of Homeland Security Warns of Holiday Threat

Now that Bin Laden’s dead the DHS has really gotten distracted:


I’m more interested in knowing if somebody’s going to try and blow my ass up at the mall this weekend, but whatever.

DHS linked to the video below. Isn’t assuming that a frozen turkey dunked in hot oil will explode in a ball of fire profiling?

Idea for the DHS: Forget about how we’re cooking Thursday’s dinner… instead, line the border with thousands of pots of boiling oil, and when you sense somebody approaching to jump the border, dump a frozen turkey in each one. Oil fire fence! Oh come on, it’s at least as good as Herman Cain’s idea.

Doug Ross has a good catch-phrase for the DHS turkey safety program: “If you see something, baste something.”

Thanks, J-Nap, but if I want turkey frying safety tips, I’ll get them from William Shatner.

(h/t Washington Examiner)

Author: Doug Powers

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