‘Occupy’ Fail on Black Friday

Like I wrote yesterday, some of these “Occupy” idiots who decided to stand in the way of bargain shoppers and $2 waffle makers and the like were lucky to get out of there with their lives. But I guess they should feel lucky if being ignored was the worst thing that happened to them:

Occupy SF activists had hoped to keep shoppers out of downtown San Francisco stores to protest corporate greed, but no matter how hard they yelled, shoppers shoved right on by.

Two dozen Occupy protesters began marching around downtown at sundown, chanting protest slogans. They’d hoped to make their anti-consumption point at the annual Christmas tree-lighting ceremony in Union Square, but the crowd was so massive they couldn’t get near.

Here’s a sad Occupy “mic check” attempt at Target, resulting in shoppers pretty much ignoring them. Check out the guy in the Batman shirt — he’s got to “Occupy Wall Street” because “Occupy Getting a Girlfriend” is pretty much out of the question:


Did “Occupy Black Friday” really think they were any match for this madness?

(h/t HAP)

Author: Doug Powers

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