The Fall of OWS is Near

This more than anything spells the end of Occupy Wall Street:

Miley Cyrus stands by Occupy Wall Street and she’s let this be known by dedicating her song, “Liberty Walk” to the cause with a new video just released.

Miley and her new video is causing a stir in the media today. Occupy Wall Street protest clips from all over the world are used throughout her video showing both peaceful and not-so-peaceful times for the protesters.

There hasn’t been such a sudden and dramatic un-hipping of a protest movement since H.R. Pufnstuf’s musical tribute to the Weather Underground. Who better to join the anti-Wall Street movement than somebody who makes millions a year from Disney? T

Miley left out footage of protesters molesting women, filming gay porn and vandalizing businesses, but maybe she’s saving that for use in the upcoming movie “Hanna Montana Craps on a Cop Car”:

Author: Doug Powers

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