‘Red Dawn’ Remake Finally Gets Release Date; N. Korea the New Villains


The remake of Red Dawn has taken so long that it’s making Guns & Roses “Chinese Democracy” album look hastily assembled, but a release date is finally in sight:

The long stagnating Red Dawn remake looks set to finally see the light of day, with a designated release date on the horizon. According to Box Office Mojo, the film will hit screens on November 2, 2012 – three years after filming wrapped.

A big black cloud has been hanging over Red Dawn in the form of the MGM bankruptcy saga, but, as reported here in September, independent distributor FilmDistrict struck a deal to finally get the film into cinemas, not matter how long it takes.

Another reason for the delay is that the “bad guys” invading the US in the remake were going to be the Chi-Coms, but that was changed after China was offended and the movie’s producers didn’t want to lose access to a paying Chinese movie-going audience. Besides, if we’re talking about a China invasion of the US, I believe that subject matter was covered many years ago in the film “Repo Man.”

The fact that the American movie producers changed their movie villain because China was offended might be evidence that China has already taken over, which would have made the original plot ridiculously redundant, not to mention dated.

It’ll be interesting to see the movie to find out if Kim Jong Il is successful in his US invasion. The “greens” would certainly be happy, because it would be “lights out” for America… literally.

When production is finished on the “Red Dawn” remake, the producers could probably make some money selling the propaganda posters used in the movie. Tell me Organizing for America couldn’t find some use for these.

Author: Doug Powers

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