Obama Channeling Teddy Roosevelt in Kansas Today


As evidenced above, the similarities are already uncanny, but President Obama today will try and draw himself even closer to Teddy Roosevelt:

OSAWATOMIE, KAN. — President Obama will give an economic speech in Osawatomie, Kan., Tuesday at a location the White House says it was very specific in picking and was meant to stir echoes of President Teddy Roosevelt.

Roosevelt spoke in the very same town more than 100 years ago on Aug. 31, 1910, where he presented his vision for America and the coming 1912 election.

Sound familiar?

That’s by design.

The White House says it spent a month planning and choosing this location and that there are parallels between how working class families felt then and now.

And of course Obama will use a teleprompter, just like Teddy did for his speech that was entitled “New Nationalism” (or “Old Socialism” depending on how you look at it).

I join the White House in hoping that there are plenty of parallels between the two situations — Teddy Roosevelt went on to get his ass kicked in the 1912 election.

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Author: Doug Powers

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