Pearl Harbor: 70 Years Ago


Seventy years ago today Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. Though the number of people alive today who were serving at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 are dwindling, it’s my hope that the memory of the attack, subsequent American resolve and the reminder that freedom isn’t free will never be forgotten.

This week, some Pearl Harbor veterans are returning a final time to where they served:

Five ash scattering and interment ceremonies are being held for five survivors whose cremated remains are returning to Pearl Harbor after their deaths.

On Tuesday, an urn containing the ashes of Lee Soucy was placed on his battleship, the USS Utah, which is lying on its side near the place where it sank 70 years ago. The ashes of Vernon Olsen, who was on the Arizona during the attack, will be placed on his ship late Wednesday.

Time Magazine has an interesting archive of photos and stories they published in the days following the attack.

Here’s one I hadn’t heard before — a live broadcast of the Eagles/Redskins game being interrupted for an announcement of the Pearl Harbor attack:

Update: Think Progress uses the anniversary of Pearl Harbor to remind everyone of the dangers of… global warming.

“December 7th, 1941… a carbon footprint that will live in infamy.”

Author: Doug Powers

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