Nobel Peace Prize Winning President / Terminator-in-Chief: ‘Ask Bin Laden if I’m an Appeaser’


President Obama is tired of being accused of appeasement, and it shows. I mean, come on, y’all… it’s been months since he bowed to a foreign leader.

Before you watch the video below of the Terminator you might want to first click “play” right here to launch the appropriate background music:

Okay, now cue up President Badass:


I have no problem with taking out terrorists. What’s the source of continual amusement is that this is the same man who three years ago said enhanced interrogations of terror suspects and holding them without due process were among the worst things human beings could do to another — and now he’s bragging about capping them in the field. But at least they’re not being waterboarded.

Give the prez credit though, he’s killed off plenty of undesirables: Osama bin Laden… Anwar al-Awlaki… the US economy…

Author: Doug Powers

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