Obama Goes to Church, Reverend Tells Congregation He’s Not the Messiah



You mean, this isn’t The One we’ve been waiting for? Oprah will be more upset than the last time she glanced at her television network’s balance sheet.

From ABC News:

Holding hands and smiling despite the 37 degree temperatures, the President Obama and his family walked across the street from the White House to St. John’s Episcopal Church today to attend the 11 a.m. service.
According to pool reports, the Rev. Dr. Luis Leon discussed Obama in his sermon. He told the congregation Americans thought Obama would be a Messiah and change would be immediate.

“People have a tendency to create idols. Society must wait without idols,” he said.

I totally disagree that “change” wasn’t immediate. Things got worse almost overnight. We’ve gone through trillions of dollars worth of initiatives that were supposed to transform America into a progressive Shangri-La (which is in fact a contradiction in terms), but things have only gone downhill.

If Obama isn’t the Messiah, I hope Reverend Leon tells the people in the below video… if they haven’t already figured it out for themselves by now:

Author: Doug Powers

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