Jay Carney Asked About Separate First Family Flights to Hawaii

I’m glad what started out in the blogosphere is now catching on among some reporters covering the White House hypocrisy beat.

It’s funny to watch this administration pretend to be unable or incapable of understanding why the “separate flights to Hawaii” thing is viewed as hypocritical, especially weeks after signing a “promote efficient spending” directive for Federal employees, and after years of carbon emissions chicken-littling about global warming. All Jay Carney can do when called on it is stand up there and justify why it’s okay for the President to spend hundreds of thousands of extra dollars and spew unnecessary carbon emissions into the atmosphere because he’s the president, dammit! I’d agree it’s a perk of the job if they weren’t always telling everybody else to sacrifice wherever possible during these tough times:

(h/t HAP)

Author: Doug Powers

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