Guy Who Said He Saw Obama’s Dog on Oahu Before President Arrived Issues Statement of Apology

Remember the little “slow news week” story a few days ago about the Obamas dog being spotted on Oahu with FLOTUS and a day later with the President in Virgina that prompted some to wonder if they’d flown the dog back just for a photo op?

One of the people who was quoted in a local paper as having seen Bo on the islands with FLOTUS, Scott Miscovich, is saying he was mistaken. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a clarification released on the subject of the mistaken identity of a First Dog.

Here’s Miscovich’s statement (photo dramatization mine):

“It is now clear my wife saw another black dog walking our neighborhood. We would like to apologize to Bo and the Obama family for any inconvenience this may have caused them. We would also like to wish them a peaceful and Merry Christmas.”

That clears everything up. As for the Associated Press reporting that Bo arrived on the islands with FLOTUS, the AP will spend all of election year making that up to Obama.

Author: Doug Powers

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