Cows Killed in Accident; PETA Lobbies Illinois DoT for Roadside Moomorial

The things PETA spends their time on never fail to amuse:

It was a gruesome accident May 22: A truck driver lost control and his rig carrying 36 cows partially tipped over on an overpass along Interstate Highway 80 near Hazel Crest, sending some of the animals plunging about 25 feet onto Interstate Highway 294.

The death toll totaled 16 head of cattle, including one badly injured animal that police shot to end its suffering.

An animal-rights group now wants the Illinois Department of Transportation to erect an official roadside memorial sign. It would serve as a tribute to the victims, according to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, which also seeks installation of a second memorial to six cows killed in traffic after they were thrown from a truck that overturned on Oct. 14 near Cambridge, Ill.

The DoT could easily make PETA go away by telling them that the cows were wearing ::gulp:: fur coats. But since this is Illinois we’re talking about — the California of the Midwest — the state will probably actually entertain the request and maybe even end up making lactose intolerance a hate crime.

Author: Doug Powers

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