Romney: Health Insurance Mandate Fundamentally a Conservative Principle

Okay, so we can now be fairly certain a mea culpa from Mitt for Romneycare and for being an inspiration for Obamacare is not forthcoming, but at the very least I wish he’d stop peddling the crazy notion that what he did with health care in Massachusetts was based on a conservative principle:

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney said the insurance mandate included in the Massachusetts healthcare law he signed is fundamentally a conservative principle.

Speaking Wednesday on “Fox and Friends,” Romney defended the Bay State’s healthcare law, which includes a version of the individual mandate, as inline with the Republican world view. The individual mandate was the centerpiece and most controversial aspect of the Obama administration’s Affordable Care Act, which has widely been blasted by Republicans as governmental overreach.

“I’m happy to stand by the things that I believe. I’m not going to change my positions by virtue of being in a presidential campaign,” Romney said. “What we did was right for the people of Massachusetts, the plan is still favored there by 3 to 1 and it is fundamentally a conservative principle to insist that people take personal responsibility as opposed to turning to government for giving out free care.”

Personal responsibility ceases to be personal responsibility when it’s government-mandated — what’s Mitt missing here?

Besides, would anything that’s based in conservatism have made sub-driver Teddy smile like this?


Author: Doug Powers

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