Kim Jong Il’s Son Skippy Jong Il Issues First Threat Against South Korea


Kim Jong Il’s son — I think his name’s Skippy — was officially declared “Supreme Leader” today, and he’s already issued his first threat to attack South Korea. How cute. Papa would be so proud:

Kim Jong-un, who was declared Supreme Leader of North Korea yesterday, issued his first terrifying threat of war today.

North Korea may “smash the stronghold of the puppet forces” in the South in retaliation for “hideous crimes” committed during the mourning period for Kim Jong-il.

Threats of war from Kim Jong-un’s father, though terrifying, were routine. His father threatened and attacked the South multiple times, but he never started a war or launched a nuclear offensive or used his artillery force to devastate Seoul.

Unfortunately, no one knows what to expect from the 28-year-old Kim Jong-un. We hope he’s just making noise to show people he’s not to be messed with.

Just to be safe, the United Nations has suggested that South Korea surrender unconditionally.

Author: Doug Powers

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