Iowa Caucus Results Discussion & Dollar Drafts Night; Update: Romney Wins by 8 Votes

Okay, I threw the beer deal in there for anybody who’s tired as hell of talking about Iowa.

Later this evening, whenever there’s any real news from Iowa, I’ll post it (provided it happens at a reasonable hour).

Michelle M. will be discussing the results here as well.

Passing thought: Isn’t it funny how Iowa was awesome when Obama won there in 2008, but now that his numbers are down the state is too white? It’s not as white as many mainstream media outlets, that’s for sure.

Until caucusing starts later this evening, Drudge is conducting his own vote:


If there were a vote for President of Internet-Land, Ron Paul would be in for life.

The past Iowa Caucus winners from both parties are here.

Predictions? I’m terrible with predictions, but I’m going to go way out on a limb and guess that Huntsman will finish last.

Update: Politico has a detailed caucus results map here.

Update II: With about a quarter of the caucus locations reporting at 9:30 p.m. EST, it’s neck and neck between Romney, Paul and Santorum.

Update III: It’s gonna be a squeaker — with 88% of the caucus vote counted, Rick Santorum is about 50 votes ahead of Mitt Romney, each with 25%, and Ron Paul has 21%. They’re followed by Gingrich at 13%, Perry at 10% and Bachmann at 5%.

CNN projects Paul 3rd, Gingrich 4th, Perry 5th. First place is still up for grabs between Santorum and Romney.

Question open to the floor: Who gave Rick Santorum the biggest last-minute boost — the Duggars, or Alan Colmes?

Update IV: Almost 95% of the vote is in, and Romney and Santorum are swapping leads by the minute.

Judging from the speeches tonight, including Michele Bachmann’s, it doesn’t sound like anybody’s going to drop out before the next debate Saturday and the New Hampshire primary the following Tuesday, though that could change by tomorrow.

Update V: Romney beats Santorum by eight votes.

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