Iran’s ‘Long Range’ Missile Not So Long Range

You might have heard that Iran tested some “long range” missiles recently. As Bill Clinton might say, “it depends on what your definition of ‘long range’ is.”

The US Navy’s closest fleet is still out of range, as is Israel:

At first, Iran claimed it had launched three long range missiles; a pronouncement at the end of ten days of war games in the Strait of Hormuz designed to test the patience of western nations as they weigh how to sanction Iran’s oil exports.

“We are able to announce that our shore-to-sea missile systems are so powerful that we can hit any target, any time, if it’s necessary” announced Habibulah Sayari, Iranian Navy Commander.

Seyyed Mahmoud Moussavi, Iranian Military Drills Spokesman, stated “Both missiles hit the intended targets successfully.”

It turned out the missiles weren’t that long range after all.

The Qhader missile, introduced in September, has a range of just 124 miles. The U.S. Navy’s fifth fleet in Bahrain is 150 miles from Iran. Israel is four times farther.

So Iran’s “long range” missile goes about as far as a Chevy Volt on a full battery and a quarter tank of backup gas.

Previously Iran was caught Photoshopping missile tests.

This top secret video obtained from a source in Tehran reveals that the latest test didn’t go quite as successfully as Iran claims:

Author: Doug Powers

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