Obama Visits Buckeye State; Ohio Dem Senator Dodges


This year, the most dangerous place to stand in the world will be under the “Exit” sign in any room President Obama walks into that contains a congressional Democrat up for re-election. The latest example of OAB (Obama Avoidance Behavior) is Sen. Sherrod Brown:

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) will be in Ohio on Wednesday when President Obama delivers a speech on the economy at a Cleveland-area high school, but he won’t be appearing with the president.

Brown has a series of his own appearances Wednesday, including a visit to the Ohio Farm Bureau and a tour of a specialty-vehicle factory, his congressional office said. Brown will be joined at the factory by Veterans Affairs officials and will tout the creation of 30 jobs through programs to provide mobile care units for veterans.

A source close to Brown’s campaign said that the commitments were scheduled before Obama announced his trip, and that Brown would appear with Obama at campaign events later in the year.
Obama is faring better in Ohio than in many other swing states, but not enough to eliminate any risk of weighing down other Democrats on the ballot. In a Quinnipiac University poll conducted in November, about the same number of Ohio voters approved of Obama as disapproved.

“Visit the Ohio Farm Bureau” is an election year avoidance excuse akin to “re-arrange my sock drawer.”

In November the Chairman of the RNC offered a $100 reward for anybody who could snap a photo of Bob Casey together with Obama during his visit to Pennsylvania. In Sherrod’s case, the RNC might want to up that reward to $500. Ditto for Air Claire.

Author: Doug Powers

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