Schadenfreude of the Day: Olbermann vs. Gore’s Current


This is even funnier when you remember the fight is over something on a cable outlet hardly anybody watches:

Keith Olbermann returned to the airwaves Wednesday night, but the rift between the bad boy anchor and his superiors at Current TV has not dissipated a day after he refused to lead the network’s coverage of the Iowa caucus, TheWrap has learned.

The newsman has tapped high-powered lawyer Patricia Glaser to “determine his rights” in his five-year contract, an individual close to him told TheWrap.

Meanwhile, executives at Current TV said that relations – especially those with Current CEO Joel Hyatt – were at a breaking point after deteriorating over the past several months.
Glaser would only tell TheWrap that “the lawyers are communicating.”

Months of simmering tension between Olbermann and Current TV boiled over on Tuesday after the anchor announced that he would not play a part in the network’s coverage of the Iowa caucus.

But that was just the most public sign of recent dissension. TheWrap spoke to multiple individuals on both sides of the rift. They said that Olbermann is frustrated by the slow growth of the network and its shoddy facilities (the anchor has lit a candle on his desk to mock the network’s occasional blackouts).

I’ll bet ten bucks that there are several copies of “An Inconvenient Truth” laying around Olbermann’s apartment with Al Gore’s face cut out of the cover.

None of this is surprising. The relationship between a sanctimonious left-wing prima donna and a cable outlet owned in part by a hypocritical false enviro-prophet was doomed from the start. There hasn’t been a more volatile and unstable mixture since Joan Crawford and Bette Davis got stuck in an elevator together.

It’s reported that Olbermann signed a five-year contract with Current at about $10 million annually. That’s a lot of carbon credits Al Gore has to peddle to suckers to pay that scratch, and with these ratings in the demo the Goracle should expect to get full return on that investment by the year 2250, if ever.

Author: Doug Powers

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