Who Thinks It’s Time We Had Another Kennedy In Congress?

Yeah, me neither — but the grandson of RFK might be about to give it a go:

Joseph P. Kennedy III is taking the final steps to launch a run for Congress this year, hoping to succeed US Rep. Barney Frank, who will retire rather than run in his reconfigured district.

Kennedy is forming an exploratory committee for the seat. The 31-year-old today also announced his resignation as a prosecutor in the office of Middlesex District Attorney Gerard T. Leone Jr., where he has worked since September. He will leave state employ Jan. 20.

“I am announcing today my intention to explore a candidacy for the United States Congress in the Fourth District of Massachusetts,’’ he said in a statement issued this morning. He said he will decide over the next several weeks whether to formally run for office, after speaking with voters.

JPKIII didn’t phrase where he is in his decision process nearly as hilariously as Teddy Jr. did.

Just over a year ago, CNN lamented the end of a 64 year era. Will a Kennedy get back in Congress? The longer Congress goes Kennedy-free the more tarnish there is on the silver spoon.

In other words, the Kennedy clan is saying, “Help us JPKIII, you’re our only hope”:

Author: Doug Powers

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