Did Obama Start Blogging at the Daily Kos?

Here’s the title of a completely serious post at the Daily Kos:



My first thought was that our nation’s super-modest leader must have started blogging there, but then it occurred to me that if that had been written by Obama, he would have been a little more humble and only claimed to be the fourth best president ever.

Here’s what is probably the most hilarious part of the Kos post, which was written by a user named Troubadour who hasn’t lost the tingle of Hope:

I have little trouble stating the following conclusions – Barack Obama is…

1. The most liberal President ever.
2. The most accountable President ever.
3. President of the most transparent administration ever.
4. The most committed to civil rights and equality ever.
5. The most committed to science and technology ever.
6. Either the most, or tied with the most, competent and intelligent President ever.
7. The hardest-working President ever.
8. The most globally-respected, loved, and feared (by our enemies) President ever.
9. Either the most, or tied with the most, politically courageous President ever.
10. Most, or tied with the most, honorable and honest President ever.

If I had the next week or so completely free, I’d dissect that list a little bit. That isn’t necessary anyway since you probably did it yourself as you read it and possibly shorted out your computer after doing a laughter-induced “spit-take” all over it.

(h/t Tim Graham at Newsbusters)

Author: Doug Powers

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