FLOTUS Wanted to Stay in Chicago After Inauguration?

That’s at least according to a new book about the Obamas in which Valerie Jarrett was quoted:

As Michelle Obama realized over the summer and fall of 2008 that she was likely to become first lady, she asked a question that probably would have surprised outsiders: could she and her children delay moving to the White House? Perhaps it was better, she told aides and friends, to remain in Chicago until the end of the school year, giving her children more time to adjust, rather than coming right at the inauguration. Her notion, though short-lived, was telling: she didn’t understand or care what sort of message it would send to a public enthralled by the new first family, and she had trepidations about life in the spotlight, let alone the prospect of residing in a monument-museum-office-military compound-terrorist target-home.

She ultimately decided to go to Washington immediately, not because of the obligations of office, but because of “wanting her family to be together,” Ms. Jarrett said.

The White House says this is all over-dramatized crap, and you know what? I believe them. We’re supposed to be convinced FLOTUS was so attached to her home in Chicago that she and her husband hardly ever go back there anymore except for fundraisers? If the book said that after the election FLOTUS wanted to stay on Martha’s Vineyard, Hawaii or at Marbella, that I’d believe.

And the woman who “wants her family to be together” never seems to have much trouble ditching the old man during the holidays when it comes to getting to Hawaii on time year after year.

Those book claims sound as staged as FLOTUS’s trips to Target. However, the parts of the book about her fuming and being the one who wears the mom jeans in the family sound most believable.

Author: Doug Powers

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