Transparency: The Super-Reliable White House Visitors Log


After the story about the “secret” Alice in Wonderland party at the White House came out in Jodi Kantor’s book about the Obamas, Michelle Malkin perused the White House visitors log and couldn’t find the names of Johnny Depp or Tim Burton, who helped out with the party. Transparency!

The White House said that people there for reasons of entertainment aren’t logged like “visitors” ::cough:: “bullshit!” ::cough:: The problem is that some of them are:

The White House is under fire for reportedly trying to downplay the role that two Hollywood stars played at a 2009 Halloween party, with press secretary Jay Carney today calling the media’s reporting on the incident “irresponsible” and denying reports of an attempted cover-up. But no record of the two stars, Johnny Depp and Tim Burton, appears in the official White House visitors logs.

An administration source said that entertainers are generally not recorded in the visitors logs. “Entertainers and production crews who are working events are generally not WAVED in since they are not guests visiting the White House, they are working,” the official said.
Other stars ā€” even when they are the entertainment ā€” have appeared in the logs. A May 11th poetry reading by the rapper Common, for example, was logged. So were musicians Herbie Hancock and Stevie Wonder when they played at President Obama’s 50th birthday. Singer Beyonce Knowles, however, does not appear in the visitor logs when she performed at a 2010 state dinner.

The White House furiously denied Monday there was any cover-up or attempt to downplay Burton or Depp’s roles, pointing to the fact that the media attended the event and that reports of Depp’s attendance surfaced on fan websites and local press.

Even if there was no attempt to “cover up” the elaborate shindig while the rest of America was in the deepest throes of recession — all while the First Couple preached “sacrifice” to the rest of us — this certainly proves that this administration peddling the White House visitor’s log as proof of “transparency” is garbage. The list is obviously as reliable as the Department of Energy’s vetting process for clean energy loan applicants.

However, is there any story that’s a more fitting match for this administration’s first year than “Alice in Wonderland”? The Queen of Hearts must have really had an influence on the White House.

Update: The Daily Mail has a bunch of photos from the party in question.

Author: Doug Powers

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